Seven creative ways to repurpose your spare room

If three lockdowns taught us anything, it is that working, studying and exercising from home can be challenging – and that having some flexible space in your house or apartment for multiple uses can make all the difference.

For buyers looking for two bedrooms who could also do with some additional space, our collection of three-bedroom apartments at Earlham Square provide a step up; priced from £130,000 for a 25% share, a deposit of just £6,500 is required.

We’ve reached out to our Instagram followers to find out exactly what they’d do with a multi-use room at home….

1.     Reading room

Create a tranquil reading area where you can get lost in a good book during an evening at home. All you will need to make a reading room is a comfy armchair, some decent lighting and a bookcase filled with your favourite novels.

2.     Home office

A dedicated working space gives you somewhere to store things like your computer, printer, paperwork and bills that can often take over the home. It’s a great idea if you have teenagers, providing them with a peaceful place to study, and also caters to the many of us still working at least part of the week from home.

3.     Art studio

An extra bedroom can give you space to express yourself artistically. Place an easel or a drafting table in a bright nook, hang shelves or bring in a cabinet for storage, and you’re ready to create.

4.     Home gym

Whether you get your heart racing with cardio or enjoy weight training, you’ll be more motivated and excited about your workouts if you establish a dedicated exercise space. So, get moving and stop using the spin bike as a clothes horse. You’ll also save a fortune on those costly gym membership fees!

5.     Yoga studio

Close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Yes, yoga can be done anywhere you can lay down a mat, but it’s definitely more soothing to stretch your limbs in a room devoted to relaxation. Add a small side table for Zen-inspired decor, and use a diffuser with essential oils to set the mood.

6.     Dressing room

If your current wardrobe is cluttered and cramped, why not migrate your clothes to a spacious new place — that spare room? With careful organisation and a few storage accessories, you can turn your spare room into a luxurious dressing room.  Add a touch of vintage glamour with a chaise longue and a changing screen!

7.     Playroom

Your children are sure to like the idea of a playroom, and you’ll be glad to have somewhere to keep their toys out of sight. Add some tidy storage units, a high-pile rug and some fun artwork on the walls and let their imagination run wild.

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